DIY Your Own Easy Mosquito Repellent

You hate mosquitoes? Me too. They appear at the best time to head outdoors, are vectors for life-threatening diseases (think Zika or Aedes *shudder*) and make you look like a fool; slapping yourself and waving your hands madly about trying to exterminate one of them.

If you’ve used commercial insect sprays before, you will know it smells nasty and leaves your skin feeling icky. Furthermore, these store-bought repellents usually contain ingredients like malathion, DEET, and permethrin. These ingredients are found in commercially used pesticides. They have been proven to cause neurological deficits when applied over the skin of rats. So no matter the concentration or amount, you should stay clear of these products.

Fortunately, nature knows the best was to fight against it’s own perpetrators. The following is a recipe for natural mosquito repellent that isn’t only easy to whip up, but it smells amazing and most importantly is safe for you and your family.

essential oils on science sheet with herbal flowers

What you’ll need:

– 2 tablespoon of Vodka or witch hazel

– 2 tablespoons of one or a combination of: grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil, or neem oil (which contains natural insecticidal compounds)

– ½ teaspoon vodka as preservative (if not already using)

– 100 drops 100% pure essential oils

– distilled water

Take note that different essential oils are effective on different bugs and therefore mixing them up in your homemade cocktail of repellent widens it’s range of effectiveness. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is the active ingredient for mosquitoes. The essential oils are the active ingredient, therefore the higher the concentration of essential oil, the stronger the repellent.

Once you’ve mix this concoction up, place them into a 3-4 ounce spray bottle, label them well, keep in dark and cool area when not in use.

To apply, spray it till it just coats your skin and re-apply after 2-3 hours or sooner if you feel you’re being attack by mosquitoes again. This repellent is safe to use for children above the age of three and adults.