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6 Simple Natural Cellulite Tips to Try Now



Usually found around your thighs and buttocks, it is a condition where enlarged fat cells push against the skin’s connective tissues; thus, causing its dimply texture. Picture your hands pressing against a net – that’s how cellulite is formed. While there are no specific causes for cellulite, some possible variables are genetic disposition, hormonal issues, poor diet or sedentary lifestyle. Plus, cellulite is not exclusively present in overweight individuals but can appear for all women of all shapes and sizes.

Here are 6 super easy natural tips to make your cellulite disappear:

  1. Don’t throw your coffee grounds away. Instead, turn them into a coffee scrub!
    The antioxidant in caffeine boosts blood circulation and regenerates new healthy cells.
  2. Drown your cellulite by drinking lots of waterwater
    Cellulite tends to hold on to toxins in your body; therefore, drinking adequate amount of water helps flush toxins out which in turn gives your skin a healthy radiance.
  3. Don’t like water? Try green tea instead then!
    Green tea is highly praised for its antioxidant content – aiding in weight loss and in breaking down fat cells. 
  4. Give your body a detox to flush out toxins
    Juice cleanses, salt water flushes – any kind of detox helps your body regenerate and remove toxins as they are often stored in your fat cells.
  5. Burn off the fats by cooking with cayenne pepper as often as you can
    Cayenne pepper is ideal because it has a natural fat-burning property – heating the body up to burn fat and increase metabolism. It helps to remove dead skin cells and replenish with new ones.
  6. Regularly drink apple cider vinegar + honey or rub this mixture on the affected areas
    Whether you prefer to drink the mixture or rub it topically onto your affected areas, apple cider vinegar removes more than just stains but the potassium, magnesium and calcium content helps reduce water retention and flush out toxins.

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