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5 Effortlessly Natural Ways to Perkier Breasts

Your breasts are like your two closest best friends. They’re always by your side and they’re with you for life. But aside from choosing the best bra for them, have you ever considered other ways to support them?

Gravity may be hard to defy but here are some natural ways you can do so without expensive cosmetic surgery:

1. Do exercises that work your chest regularly
exerciseExercises such as chest press, arm raises and push ups do wonders to your breasts. They work due to the way they strenghthen and repair the connective tissues and muscles of your breasts.

2. Pamper yourself with an olive oil massage

Olive oil contains antioxidants that can reverse the effects and appearance of sagging breasts. Try massaging your breasts 15 minutes, 3 times a week to see results.

3. Apply egg white mixture to enjoy its astringent and skin-nourishing properties

Egg whites are amazing because they have strong astringent and hydro-lipids content that help life sagging skin. All you need to do is beat 1 egg white until foamy; finally, apply onto skin and let sit for 30 minutes before washing of.

4. Improve your blood circulation with aloe vera

Among aloe vera’s many benefits include perking up your breasts. Massage aloe vera into your breast for 15 minutes to improve blood circulation and strengthen the connective tissues as well.

5. Tighten and tone sagging skin with essential oils

Try essential oils like lemongrass, spearmint or cypress to tighten and tone sagging skin. But don’t be too religious because it can cause a burning sensation. Hence, try a spot test and keep it sporadic to avoid allergies.