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5 Natural Ways to Heal Cracked Heels

Cracked heels or feet fissures are common among everyone despite gender or age. Especially if you stand a lot at work, spend a lot of time in the water or is obese, cracked heels becomes more prevalent. However, there are several very efficient natural approaches you can try before you ask your doctor for help with this irritating issue.

Check out our top 5 easy natural ways to heal cracked heels:

1. Remove dead skins with a pumice stone

The main problem with cracked heels is the accumulation of dead skin layers that don’t shed on its own; therefore, using a pumice stone to scrub your heels is a good natural option. Try to soak your feet with warm water before that because it helps to soften and prep the skin for scrubbing. This will help remove old skin cells and replace with new ones.

2. Moisturize naturally with coconut oil


Coconut oil in this case is used to moisturize your feet which can help remove dead tissues and as pain relief. Plus, you can prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal infections because of its strong antimicrobial properties. You can either rub coconut oil on your cracked heel or dilute it with water to soak your feet every evening before bed.

3. Speed up healing with Epsom salt


You can use Epsom salt if you already have significant problems with cracked feet, such as bleeding fissures and painful wounds. Epsom salt promotes healing and reduces unpleasant symptoms if used regularly, so you can continue with normal life until you resolve the issue with cracked feet.

4. Soak your feet in lemon Juice


Keratolytic (peeling) effect of the lemon juice is very beneficial in this situation. Make some lemon juice and soak your feet for half an hour before scrubbing them. The results of mechanical scrubbing will be much greater if you use lemon juice instead of water.

5. DIY foot mask with overripe bananas


Although it is never a good to accidentally step on a banana peel, bananas can actually be good for your cracked heels. You can blend two overripe bananas and place the paste to your feet. This will provide hydration and speed up the healing process.
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