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5 Natural Ways to Make Your Skin Glow

Perfect skin glow is something every woman wants. However, the aging process and environmental factors make it almost impossible to keep the freshness of the skin all the time. Plus, many products contain additives such as parabens – a preservative in skincare – which can be harmful to your body and skin.

Why The Skin Loses Its Glow?

The most important factor for your skin losing its glow is because of skin dehydration. Skin dehydration happens because of the natural aging process, excessive exposure to sun or using heavy makeup everyday. That is why we have a simple list of things you can try to replenish your natural glow:

1. Beat dehydration by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day


Dehydration, especially during warm weather is bad for your skin and body because it can make your skin look tired and wrinkles become more noticeable.

2. Eat diet rich in fibers because it can eliminate toxins from the body

Dietary fibers such as oranges, spinach, kiwi, oats or wholemeal bread promote elimination of toxins from the bowels before they get absorbed into the bloodstream. These toxins can also make you look chronically tired, the skin looks yellowish, and your sweat can have a bad odor.

3. Always wear sunscreen and limit your exposure to sunlight from 11A.M to 3P.M


Although the sunlight is necessary for the production of Vitamin D, the excess exposure damages your skin cells. UV rays corrupt reparative mechanisms in the genetic material of the skin cells and can cause sunburns, dry skin, and even skin cancer in susceptible individuals.

4. Take antioxidant-rich foods such as blueberries and tumeric


Antioxidant is important to remove harmful products of accumulated metabolism. Therefore, taking more fresh fruits and vegetables will do your body good. The skin benefits most from antioxidant because it is easily noticeable on the surface of the skin. You can start to see radiant skin in just a few weeks!

5. Exercise often to improve blood circulation and overall health


Moderate physical activity is healthy for your whole body. This includes your skin because increased blood flow improves complexion and increased muscle mass forces the skin to stretch; therefore, all the wrinkles automatically become less prominent.

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